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Six Eight Kafe's Coffee Blog

We are a new independent coffee shop open in the centre of Birmingham, using cutting edge technology and award winning roasters.

Open Mon-Fri, 7:30-18:00
Sat, 10-5:30
Sun, 10:30-4:30

Six Eight Kafé
Address: 6/8 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5HG
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Fantastic Nellyglobe Art Auction.  All profits go to charity

Fantastic Nellyglobe Art Auction.  All profits go to charity

Thursdays have just got healthier

Music of the Guqin, performed live by Charles Tsua

The gugin is siven stringed zither and is considered the highest musical form in China. This will be performed live by one of very our own regulars


Next Movie Night from Inner City Reel

6/8 Kafe presents Latte/Art - Kevin Leung Chung


From now and until the 19th of September, the walls of the 6/8 play host to a series of pastels and prints from Kevin Leung Chung. His second appearance at the 6/8 features self-portraits, the divine, biblical scenes, the illusion of repetition, nightmare black and whites to serene blurry pastels, aggressive extroversion to reigned in self-awareness.

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Inner City presents …

Live Music at Six Eight Kafé

Charity Quiz Night! June 21st 7.30pm

Birmingham PHAB Camps logo

Help raise much-needed funds for the phabulous PHAB Camps, which enables children and young adults to go away on holiday!  With 95% volunteer funding, they need all the help we can give, so come along and join this fun quiz night and stand the chance of winning some great prizes as well!

Doors open at 7pm

£3 entry, max. 6 people per PHAB Team!

After a few weeks away, it’s back. The Inner City Reel Film Show.

Birmingham PHAB Camps - Our Charity of the Month!

Birmingham PHAB Camps logo

Birmingham PHAB Camps is a charity which hosts a series of activity holidays for both disabled and non-disabled children and young adults in a fun and friendly environment where new and challenging activities can be experienced together. The charity it totally self-funded, but costs around £95,000.00 per year to run, so fundraising is key. 

If you could help in any way, you would be making a difference to someone’s life, allowing them to have fun safely that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They need money towards the holidays, plus donations of everyday items such as plastic bags and baby wipes, which are otherwise totally funded by the volunteers. 

How can you help? 

- Donate bags of unwanted/unused clothing which can then be swapped for cash through other local charities

- Donate baby wipes, plastic bags, and other useful everyday items

- Take part in the quiz night happening later this month (watch this space for date and time)

- Donate raffle prizes for the quiz night 

- Donate spare change into the collection tin